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Lihhamon- Doctrine Review

Ya ya ya, it’s been almost a month since I’ve written a review, I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy, but it’s mostly cuz I’m fucking lazy. We have been making moves on the podcast tho, last weekend we did interviews with Cattle Decapitation, Full of Hell and Artificial Brain which will be featured on the next podcast whenever the hell Logan gets home.  So aside from me continually blowing it on the blog we got that going for us!  I have however been pounding my way through the seemingly endless supply of promos coming through the Malphas Vault email account and have picked an absolute stand out for this review.
Germany has brought us some great extreme (fuck I hate that term) metal, be it thrash, death or black metal Germany has produced and continues to produce some killer bands.  Relative new comers on the scene Lihhamon started crafting their audio assault in 2013, they stayed quiet until basically out of nowhere, Auto de Fe Productions released Doctrine the band's debu…

All Pigs Must Die- Hostage Animal Review

You ever get the urge to punch yourself in the face? Or grab a bat and redecorate your house? Did you ever think that this sort of senseless act of violence needed a soundtrack? Well my dear friends you are in luck, All Pigs Must Die, outa the great state of Massachusetts are about to release an album that will feed your destructive needs. Southern Lord will release Hostage Animal on October 27, 2017.
All Pigs Must Die for those of you living under a rock since 2010 are somewhat of a super group, featuring members from Converge, Trap Them, The Hope Conspiracy, amongst others.  They have been doing their Crust fueled Death (ish) Metal since their self-titled ep was released on Nonbeliever. These fuckers destroy everything in their path, from note one on Hostage Animal you know you’re in for a senseless act of violence. The album kicks off with the title track and fuck me does it ever rip, Ben Koller beats on those drums as if someone is holding a gun to his head. The whole record is a d…

Malokarpatan- Nordkarpatenland Review

2017 is officially three quarters of the way over, releases are coming in at a crazy pace and I can barely keep up with the email flooding into the Malphas Vault inbox.  It has become a regular occurrence for me to listen a couple minutes of a record and promptly delete it, now this may seem harsh or like I am not giving all the records a fair shake, but god damn, I’m only one man, and the other deadbeats that are a part of Malphas Vault certainly aren’t going to do it! (Love you guys) So I am left with records that right off the jump sucks me in, records that have that certain something that makes me not immediately roll my eyes and hit the delete button.  One such record was recently sent to me by our friends at Invictus Productions, they in conspiracy with The Ajna Offensive will bring us a record this Halloween that defies genre, and is as brutal as it is beautiful.  Malokarpatan will release Nordkarpatenland and ladies and gentleman, we may have just found album of the year.

Vassafor- Malediction (P)Review

Sometimes a band comes along that is a force to be reckoned with, a band that’s sole purpose it to instill fear and conjure up visions of chaos and destruction deep inside everyone who listens.  Since 1994 Vassafor has been spreading darkness and destruction through their uncompromising form of Black Metal, all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, not exactly the place where you’d picture this type of depraved Metal to hail from.  For the uninitiated Vassafor is a 2 man Black Metal project known for blending the tremolo picked, lo-fi chaos of Black Metal with elements of Doom and Death Metal to create a form of Metal that is as hard to categorize as it is for some people to swallow.  October 13th, 2017 will see them release their second full length “Malediction” on Iron Bonehead Productions, and Debemur Morti Productions

When the new Vassafor album hit my inbox last week, I immediately was taken back to 2012 when “Obsidian Codex” Vassafor’s first full length came out.  It was pure fuc…

Acephalix- Decreation Review

There is a myriad of bands that I wish would have never called it quits, be it a band that couldn’t keep it together internally, or bands breaking up at their peak.  Far too often bands that we love call it a day leaving the masses disappointed and wanting more.  San Francisco Crust-Death Metal merchants Acephalix were on a great run of sick demos and crushing full length when they abruptly called it quits in 2012, and depression set in for their listeners.  Fast forward to 2015 and rumors started surfacing of these Crusty Death Metallers giving it another shot, and on September 22 2017 the wait for new music will finally be over, 20 Buck Spin Releases Decreation.
This bad mother fucker doesn’t just grab you by the throat straight away; it punches you straight in your face!  The riffs, my lord the riffs, every god damn song on this bad boy leaves you wanting more and so much more.  It’s definitely got the HM-2 style to it, and for this guy that’s a big plus, these boys could go toe t…

3 for 1 Record Review: Runespell, Purtenance and Poison Blood

So I keep racking my brain as to how I can keep up with this blog, my family and my full time job, I know what you are thinking, quit your job!  Believe me it crosses my mind every god damn day, but until someone wants to pay me for my insane ramblings about metal (anyone?) I do believe I have it figured out.  I am going to do the good old fashioned album dump, basically take a bunch (3 this time) of upcoming albums that the great labels have been kind enough to send me, and review a bunch of them in the same article.  I’m not 100% sure if this is going to make anything actually easier, but fuck it; works in my head, here is the inaugural album dump from your good friends at Malphas Vault.

Runespell- Unhallowed Blood Oath:
Kicking it off is a killer record from the man whom I am told is the busiest man in OZBM (Australian Black Metal) Nightwolf is the creative force behind such bands as Eternum and Blood Stronghold, if you haven’t checked out either of those bands do yourself a favor…

Antiversum- Cosmos Comendti Review

Some people might say Death Metal and Black Metal is inaccessible forms of music, for some people like myself this is a good thing, we don’t want our scene to be overtaken by people looking to get rich off what might be trendy for a time and discard it just as quickly.  There are still a great number of bands striving to make music for a very small percentage of the population, bands that still believe in the Evil that has been tied to metal all these years.  Every so often a band comes around that takes this to unexplored depths, a band that makes a record that is so dark and depraved that when you finish the record you are left wondering what the fuck just happened.  Prepare yourself for an earfucking like none other kids, September 29th 2017, Antiversum will unleash Cosmos Comendti on the masses, you’ve been warned.
In 2015 a demo surfaced by a Swiss metal outfit by the name of Antiversum, there wasn’t much initial hype surrounding its release, but the hype to follow was something…

Worm- Evocation of the Black Marsh Review

USBM is a tradition not to be taken lightly; it dates back to the early second wave of Black Metal and can traditionally be traced back to Von’s Satanic Blood demo.  It has been carried out throughout the years by many amazing bands that have been staying true to the original Black Metal sound, when many others were tinkering around with other styles and genres these bands kept to the formula of putting out some of the sickest music the scene has ever seen (see how I did that.)  Florida’s Worm is putting out a traditional sound from a place that you wouldn’t expect this brutal brand of Black Metal to come from, I mean seriously guys wtf are you so pissed about in Florida? It’s the fucking sunshine state isn’t it? Well not today kids the plague is in Florida, September 29 2017 Worm will drop their first full length Evocation of the Black Marsh through the always amazing Iron Bonehead Records.
Worm is a fucking force to be reckoned with; they have already put two rare and amazing demos…

Malphas Vault Album Ranking System Breakdown

So how the hell do you rank an album? I’ve seen metal horns, toilets, numerical ranking, letter grades and a whole pile of other valuations.  But how the fuck do these places come up with this shit? I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to put a valuation on records that A. Isn’t complete bull shit and B. Will not be met with too harsh of criticism, but after I gave it some thought I realized A matters but B will never happen so fuck it. Here is the breakdown of the Malphas Vault ranking system.
Category 1: The grab you by the throat factor:  Basically this is in my opinion the most important thing when it comes to a record, like a good movie or a good TV show, a record should take you in make you want to stick with it through however many tracks there is.  Not only that but does it make you want to listen to it again? And again? How long will the record stand up? Will you want to listen to it in a week? In a month? 5 years from now? Out of 20 points
Category 2: P…

Oculus- The Apostate of Light Review

So you like evil do ya? Are you obsessed with death? Destruction? Would you like to watch the world burn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should probably seek help! I can’t be responsible for the crazy things you are about to do, seriously you should probably just turn yourself in to the police.  You should however wait till September 29, 2017 so the last thing you hear before you are institutionalized for life if the new Oculus album The Apostate of Light.
Not to be confused with the Black Metal merchants from Chile, this Oculus is an International band comprised of members hailing from the United States and Europe, and boasts a resume of bands such as The Stone, Borgne, Deathrow, Enoid and Ophidian Coil.  The Apostate of Light is straight up Orthodox Black Metal, the way our forefathers intended it.  When I read the write up Blood Harvest sent out there is a line in there something about this record being “timeless in any era” not that’s a bold fucking statement,…

Huoripukki- Voima on Oikeutta

There are 3 places in the world that I can genuinely say if they put out a metal album that chances are I am going to enjoy it, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  Something is in the water over there cuz year after year decade after decade they keep churning out solid bands that produce great records.  One such band is Nokia Finland’s Huoripukki, filthy, grimy, unapologetic OSDM, Friday July 28 2017 they will drop Voima On Oikeutta.
Huoripukki have been doing their take on the Old School Death Metal beast since 2008, putting out 5 solid demos and including this 2 Eps.  They are flying the Finnish flag high in there sound, melding parts of Punk and Thrash to make a brutal brand of Death Metal, think Demilich without Antti Bowman’s weird gurgling toilet man vocals and throw in a lot more Punk and you’re pretty much getting it.
Voima on Oikeutta kicks off with an absolute scorcher Maailma Haudaksi (World Tomb ?) letting you know right off the jump what you’re in for, a no holds barred death m…

Israthoum- Channeling Death and Devil Review

So I had something altogether ready to go, another triumphant return for the Malphas Vault blog and well I blew it.  I don’t really get in this day and age with all we know and everything we've done with technology, how a seemingly intelligent person loses a whole entire review.  So long story short I was (possibly still will?) going to bring you a review of the new Urn record The Burning (long story short its badass go buy it Friday) instead I’m going to review a record that just completely blew me away.  Israthoum- Channeling Death and Devil.

I would like to sit here like I normally would and tell you I’ve been listening to Israthoum since the Hatred demo in 2001 but I can’t cuz I do believe I am correct in saying that this morning was the first time I’d heard them…?...It strikes me as weird that I haven’t crossed paths with these Dutch (by way or Portugal?) demon worshipers. But it is what it is and after the first play on Channeling Death and Devil I was hooked, I haven’t turne…

Welcome Back/ Necrowretch- Satanic Slavery Review

Well kids Malphas Vault is finally back, for those of you that don't know (all of you?) Blogger in all its infinite wisdom decided to shut the blog down early this year because we were using material that didn't belong to us.  Anyways we are back, on Blogger again and STILL using material that doesn't belong to us because how else are you supposed to do a blog?! But if you like the albums or bands we feature on this please support them so they can keep making their music and we can all keep banging out heads! So without further adieu the first post on the new Malphas Vault.

Necrowretch is back with their Seasons Of Mist debut, Satanic Slavery and god damn it does not disappoint! Chocked full of brutal riffs, agonizing vocals and punishing beats that will have you crying for more. They do old school death metal exactly the way it was intended, evil as fuck that will make most run for the hills.

Necrowretch is French Death Metal, They've been doing there Satan inspired b…