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Welcome Back/ Necrowretch- Satanic Slavery Review

Well kids Malphas Vault is finally back, for those of you that don't know (all of you?) Blogger in all its infinite wisdom decided to shut the blog down early this year because we were using material that didn't belong to us.  Anyways we are back, on Blogger again and STILL using material that doesn't belong to us because how else are you supposed to do a blog?! But if you like the albums or bands we feature on this please support them so they can keep making their music and we can all keep banging out heads! So without further adieu the first post on the new Malphas Vault.

Necrowretch is back with their Seasons Of Mist debut, Satanic Slavery and god damn it does not disappoint! Chocked full of brutal riffs, agonizing vocals and punishing beats that will have you crying for more. They do old school death metal exactly the way it was intended, evil as fuck that will make most run for the hills.

Necrowretch is French Death Metal, They've been doing there Satan inspired b…