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Worm- Evocation of the Black Marsh Review

USBM is a tradition not to be taken lightly; it dates back to the early second wave of Black Metal and can traditionally be traced back to Von’s Satanic Blood demo.  It has been carried out throughout the years by many amazing bands that have been staying true to the original Black Metal sound, when many others were tinkering around with other styles and genres these bands kept to the formula of putting out some of the sickest music the scene has ever seen (see how I did that.)  Florida’s Worm is putting out a traditional sound from a place that you wouldn’t expect this brutal brand of Black Metal to come from, I mean seriously guys wtf are you so pissed about in Florida? It’s the fucking sunshine state isn’t it? Well not today kids the plague is in Florida, September 29 2017 Worm will drop their first full length Evocation of the Black Marsh through the always amazing Iron Bonehead Records.
Worm is a fucking force to be reckoned with; they have already put two rare and amazing demos…

Malphas Vault Album Ranking System Breakdown

So how the hell do you rank an album? I’ve seen metal horns, toilets, numerical ranking, letter grades and a whole pile of other valuations.  But how the fuck do these places come up with this shit? I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to put a valuation on records that A. Isn’t complete bull shit and B. Will not be met with too harsh of criticism, but after I gave it some thought I realized A matters but B will never happen so fuck it. Here is the breakdown of the Malphas Vault ranking system.
Category 1: The grab you by the throat factor:  Basically this is in my opinion the most important thing when it comes to a record, like a good movie or a good TV show, a record should take you in make you want to stick with it through however many tracks there is.  Not only that but does it make you want to listen to it again? And again? How long will the record stand up? Will you want to listen to it in a week? In a month? 5 years from now? Out of 20 points
Category 2: P…

Oculus- The Apostate of Light Review

So you like evil do ya? Are you obsessed with death? Destruction? Would you like to watch the world burn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should probably seek help! I can’t be responsible for the crazy things you are about to do, seriously you should probably just turn yourself in to the police.  You should however wait till September 29, 2017 so the last thing you hear before you are institutionalized for life if the new Oculus album The Apostate of Light.
Not to be confused with the Black Metal merchants from Chile, this Oculus is an International band comprised of members hailing from the United States and Europe, and boasts a resume of bands such as The Stone, Borgne, Deathrow, Enoid and Ophidian Coil.  The Apostate of Light is straight up Orthodox Black Metal, the way our forefathers intended it.  When I read the write up Blood Harvest sent out there is a line in there something about this record being “timeless in any era” not that’s a bold fucking statement,…

Huoripukki- Voima on Oikeutta

There are 3 places in the world that I can genuinely say if they put out a metal album that chances are I am going to enjoy it, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  Something is in the water over there cuz year after year decade after decade they keep churning out solid bands that produce great records.  One such band is Nokia Finland’s Huoripukki, filthy, grimy, unapologetic OSDM, Friday July 28 2017 they will drop Voima On Oikeutta.
Huoripukki have been doing their take on the Old School Death Metal beast since 2008, putting out 5 solid demos and including this 2 Eps.  They are flying the Finnish flag high in there sound, melding parts of Punk and Thrash to make a brutal brand of Death Metal, think Demilich without Antti Bowman’s weird gurgling toilet man vocals and throw in a lot more Punk and you’re pretty much getting it.
Voima on Oikeutta kicks off with an absolute scorcher Maailma Haudaksi (World Tomb ?) letting you know right off the jump what you’re in for, a no holds barred death m…

Israthoum- Channeling Death and Devil Review

So I had something altogether ready to go, another triumphant return for the Malphas Vault blog and well I blew it.  I don’t really get in this day and age with all we know and everything we've done with technology, how a seemingly intelligent person loses a whole entire review.  So long story short I was (possibly still will?) going to bring you a review of the new Urn record The Burning (long story short its badass go buy it Friday) instead I’m going to review a record that just completely blew me away.  Israthoum- Channeling Death and Devil.

I would like to sit here like I normally would and tell you I’ve been listening to Israthoum since the Hatred demo in 2001 but I can’t cuz I do believe I am correct in saying that this morning was the first time I’d heard them…?...It strikes me as weird that I haven’t crossed paths with these Dutch (by way or Portugal?) demon worshipers. But it is what it is and after the first play on Channeling Death and Devil I was hooked, I haven’t turne…