Huoripukki- Voima on Oikeutta

There are 3 places in the world that I can genuinely say if they put out a metal album that chances are I am going to enjoy it, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  Something is in the water over there cuz year after year decade after decade they keep churning out solid bands that produce great records.  One such band is Nokia Finland’s Huoripukki, filthy, grimy, unapologetic OSDM, Friday July 28 2017 they will drop Voima On Oikeutta.

Huoripukki have been doing their take on the Old School Death Metal beast since 2008, putting out 5 solid demos and including this 2 Eps.  They are flying the Finnish flag high in there sound, melding parts of Punk and Thrash to make a brutal brand of Death Metal, think Demilich without Antti Bowman’s weird gurgling toilet man vocals and throw in a lot more Punk and you’re pretty much getting it.

Voima on Oikeutta kicks off with an absolute scorcher Maailma Haudaksi (World Tomb ?) letting you know right off the jump what you’re in for, a no holds barred death metal assault.  The riffs are grimy as they come, and make for an absolutely fantastic experience.  The vocals are on point I got a very early Chris Barns vibe at times (which is all good for me!)

If you are like me and still can’t get enough of Old School Death Metal than this EP is definitely for you, there is nothing forced or contrived here, just pure OSDM the way it should be done! Thanks to H from Caligari Records for sending this our way.  Pick up Huoripukki- Voima on Oikeutta this Friday.



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