Israthoum- Channeling Death and Devil Review

So I had something altogether ready to go, another triumphant return for the Malphas Vault blog and well I blew it.  I don’t really get in this day and age with all we know and everything we've done with technology, how a seemingly intelligent person loses a whole entire review.  So long story short I was (possibly still will?) going to bring you a review of the new Urn record The Burning (long story short its badass go buy it Friday) instead I’m going to review a record that just completely blew me away.  Israthoum- Channeling Death and Devil.

I would like to sit here like I normally would and tell you I’ve been listening to Israthoum since the Hatred demo in 2001 but I can’t cuz I do believe I am correct in saying that this morning was the first time I’d heard them…?...It strikes me as weird that I haven’t crossed paths with these Dutch (by way or Portugal?) demon worshipers. But it is what it is and after the first play on Channeling Death and Devil I was hooked, I haven’t turned these fuckers off since 7am this morning.

Israthoum is pure fucking chaos, straight up black no apologies and zero fucks given, and I fucking dig it! After a few listens I got a bit of a Serpent Noir vibe which is again is all right by me.  The album grabs you by the throat on the title track Channeling Death and Devil, the vocalist Voxinferi comes after you with a haunting growl and they strap you in for one hell of a ride.  It’s definitely not straight up, no frills Black Metal, take a track like Drudges of Ruination it takes more of a doom like approach but does it in such a way that it just keeps the fear building throughout your journey.  Then they jump straight back into the Black Metal with Walls of Penitence, in my opinion the best track on the record, it’s got everything, the Black Metal, doomy elements and chants that can send shivers down your spine.

If you haven’t checked out Israthoum do yourself a favour and take the plunge, you won’t be disappointed.  There isn’t much missing on this record and its sure to keep you coming back for more.  Thanks to Altre Productions for sending it our way, I have no idea when this record comes out but sometime in July what it says but I guess Facebook (?) may keep you up to date or keep checking the Israthoum bandcamp.  I got a rating system figured out and all that fun shit but since I'm clearly retarded when it comes to computers thats gonna have to wait till another day. Stay sick



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