Worm- Evocation of the Black Marsh Review

USBM is a tradition not to be taken lightly; it dates back to the early second wave of Black Metal and can traditionally be traced back to Von’s Satanic Blood demo.  It has been carried out throughout the years by many amazing bands that have been staying true to the original Black Metal sound, when many others were tinkering around with other styles and genres these bands kept to the formula of putting out some of the sickest music the scene has ever seen (see how I did that.)  Florida’s Worm is putting out a traditional sound from a place that you wouldn’t expect this brutal brand of Black Metal to come from, I mean seriously guys wtf are you so pissed about in Florida? It’s the fucking sunshine state isn’t it? Well not today kids the plague is in Florida, September 29 2017 Worm will drop their first full length Evocation of the Black Marsh through the always amazing Iron Bonehead Records.

Worm is a fucking force to be reckoned with; they have already put two rare and amazing demos 2014s “The Deep Dark Earth Underlines All” and 2016s “Nights in Hell” if you can find either of them on Discogs do yourself a favor and grab them fast!  2017 sees them continue the assault with Evocation of the Black Marsh and I mean god damn if they don’t just tear your face off with pure sickness.  Its fucking lo-fi straight ahead Black Metal, the vocals will keep you up at night fearing for your meager life, the riffs are depraved and will take you back to a time where Black Metal was to be feared as a true force of Satan’s might.

Evocation of the Black Marsh begins to suck the life out of you with the intro “Alter of Black Sludge” you get a very real feeling of the impending doom that awaits you as you journey through the tracks. The sickness is right in your face when “Winged Beast of the Phantom Crypt” kicks into gear, as basically the only traditional headbanger/ fist pumper on the album.  By the time you get to the title track “Evocationof the Black Marsh” the weak may drop off completely from the audio attack you have fallen victim to but I guarantee the true Black Metal miscreants will stick it out to the end. 

This album is not for everyone, it’s not for the people who want to feel safe when listening to music, however for people who miss the times when music was to be feared this is for all of you.  September 29, 2017 Worm is coming for you, beware

First record to be reviewed on the Malphas Vault ranking system (see last post)

Category 1: 20
Category 2: 15
Category 3: 10 (Leviathan factor)
Category 4: 15
Category 5: 15
Category 6: 7

For a grand total of 82 out of 100 or a B


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