Antiversum- Cosmos Comendti Review

Some people might say Death Metal and Black Metal is inaccessible forms of music, for some people like myself this is a good thing, we don’t want our scene to be overtaken by people looking to get rich off what might be trendy for a time and discard it just as quickly.  There are still a great number of bands striving to make music for a very small percentage of the population, bands that still believe in the Evil that has been tied to metal all these years.  Every so often a band comes around that takes this to unexplored depths, a band that makes a record that is so dark and depraved that when you finish the record you are left wondering what the fuck just happened.  Prepare yourself for an earfucking like none other kids, September 29th 2017, Antiversum will unleash Cosmos Comendti on the masses, you’ve been warned.

In 2015 a demo surfaced by a Swiss metal outfit by the name of Antiversum, there wasn’t much initial hype surrounding its release, but the hype to follow was something I haven’t seen in the metal community in a long time.  Total Vacuum stuck with everyone who listened to it, it haunted dreams, and left you with a sense of dread and hopelessness you couldn’t easily shake off.  2017 now sees the band return with a follow up just as dark and depraved as its predecessor, this record takes you into new depths of the abyss.

My first listen to Cosmos Comendti was a week ago when Invictus first sent it to me, being a huge fan of Total Vacuum I was stoked to see it in my inbox.  Even though I knew what to expect from Antiversum I still wasn’t fully prepared to be taken into the void that this record takes its listener to.  The record quickly kicks into gear with Antinova; this eight and a half minute track sets you up for a four track 38 minute assault on your senses.  The title track is my stand out on this record, it shows Antiversum in all their Black/ Death Metal glory, driving drums, twisted riffs and howling vocals for days on this record.  The last time I listened to a record this much was when Void Meditation Cult put out Utter the Tung of the Dead last year, and I definitely get the same vibe from this record.  Hopeless, dark and depraved, the best markings of metal these days.

Invictus Productions will put out Antiversum’s  Cosmos Comendti on September 29, 2017, prepare yourself for what could be one of the best records this year!

Stream Anitnova here

Malphas Vault Ranking:

94 out of 100 or A


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