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Malokarpatan- Nordkarpatenland Review

2017 is officially three quarters of the way over, releases are coming in at a crazy pace and I can barely keep up with the email flooding into the Malphas Vault inbox.  It has become a regular occurrence for me to listen a couple minutes of a record and promptly delete it, now this may seem harsh or like I am not giving all the records a fair shake, but god damn, I’m only one man, and the other deadbeats that are a part of Malphas Vault certainly aren’t going to do it! (Love you guys) So I am left with records that right off the jump sucks me in, records that have that certain something that makes me not immediately roll my eyes and hit the delete button.  One such record was recently sent to me by our friends at Invictus Productions, they in conspiracy with The Ajna Offensive will bring us a record this Halloween that defies genre, and is as brutal as it is beautiful.  Malokarpatan will release Nordkarpatenland and ladies and gentleman, we may have just found album of the year.