Malokarpatan- Nordkarpatenland Review

2017 is officially three quarters of the way over, releases are coming in at a crazy pace and I can barely keep up with the email flooding into the Malphas Vault inbox.  It has become a regular occurrence for me to listen a couple minutes of a record and promptly delete it, now this may seem harsh or like I am not giving all the records a fair shake, but god damn, I’m only one man, and the other deadbeats that are a part of Malphas Vault certainly aren’t going to do it! (Love you guys) So I am left with records that right off the jump sucks me in, records that have that certain something that makes me not immediately roll my eyes and hit the delete button.  One such record was recently sent to me by our friends at Invictus Productions, they in conspiracy with The Ajna Offensive will bring us a record this Halloween that defies genre, and is as brutal as it is beautiful.  Malokarpatan will release Nordkarpatenland and ladies and gentleman, we may have just found album of the year.

Slovakia is known for its beautiful landscapes, its old castles and architecture, I have never personally been but everything about it seems epic.  This is also the word I would use to describe Slovakia exports Malokarpatan’s music, there is actually no better word I can think of then epic.  Nordkarpatenland takes you on an absolutely amazing journey; it grabs you and does not let you go for a second of the albums ten tracks.  This record has it all, Black Metal, Folk, Experimental, there is no possible way that you could get bored with this record, if anything you can throw out the rest of your record collection and just rely on the strength of this record to get you through. 

The Production of this record is as perfect as it needs to be, it fits the music wonderfully, its epic when it needs to be epic, its lo-fi when it needs to be lo-fi.  The band definitely knew and achieved exactly what they wanted to with the production of this album.  Nowhere will you find overproduction or protooled bullshit, take a track like “V Rujnovej Samote Pocichu Duma Lo” the intro of the track sounds like they went back in time to capture the sounds of medieval times.  The whole record is so refreshing it’ll blow your mind (at least it blew my mind) and I have no doubt that this record can be pulled off in a live setting, sure there will be some of the more epic horn and string parts that will have to be recorded and played digitally live, but I think in no way that would take anything away from a live performance.

There have been only two records this year that I believe are “original” they may give nods to other genres but they don’t really fit in any conventional category.  The Poison Blood record was the first and Malokarpatan is the second.  In a day and age where it is more and more difficult to not come across as a band that is ripping someone else off, Malokarpatan is a musical category in and of itself.  I firmly believe that this record will translate to any style of Metalhead, actually fuck that anyone with ears should give this record a listen, I think Nordkarpatenland may even win over a few people that don’t even like Metal.

As I am sure you are aware since I have been gushing about this record for the last 597 words, the presentation also gets top marks, any way you want it, this record is available. (Again I believe sans tape but fuck it I’m going with vinyl this time!)  Invictus will take care of Europe and The Ajna Offensive will take care of us here in North America, October 31st 2017 it’ll be out GO BUY IT.  So unless someone else blows me right the fuck out of the water the battle is done and dusted people, as of September 4th 2017 this is my record of the year!

MV Score: 100 out of 100 of A(+)


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